At Leisure Furnishings we’re fully aware of the role we play in managing the Planet’s precious resources.

All our managers and supervisors are advocates of best practice, ensuring we always operate sustainably, taking an honest and common-sense approach to developing our business.

Our paperless office initiative has drastically cut down paper consumption by scanning to email alone. What paper remains is recycled, along with cardboard, wood, plastic and we urge our customers to use returnable stillages to reduce environmental impact. All of this drives towards to our 2021 recycling target of 30-35%.

Combined with these daily eco-operations, we’re consistently striving to reduce our carbon footprint.

We’ve installed electric car-charge points and have our first electric company car. Also, recently, we’ve completed our site-wide installation of LED lighting. This is not only set to reduce our electricity consumption, but also improves lighting conditions for all of our staff.

Off-site, we’re constantly innovating with our customers and suppliers to reduce the weight of motorhomes and caravans for better fuel consumption and emissions.

Furniture & Furnishings for the Leisure Industry

Furniture & furnishings for the Leisure Industry

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