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Taking care of your product

You may find your upholstery a little firm at first, this is perfectly normal as all foam and filling composites will naturally soften in time. This softening does not constitute as a fault under the warranty.

Fabrics with a pile may appear to have a difference in shades, this is due to the direction of the pile and how the light reflects. This is not a fault but a part of the charm of the fabrics. Regular care with a soft brush will ease the pile back and reduce the effect of the pile being flattened over time. Fabric will stretch, move and develop creases or wrinkles during use, these are expected and are completely normal during the lifetime of the product.

Most fabrics will show signs of wear over time due to friction. Another sign of use can be little fuzz balls, which could appear on the fabric surface. Each fabric is made from different yarns and weaves, producing different results. All these are signs of normal use of the product and occur naturally and is not considered a defect.

It is important that all cushions and upholstery are regularly “dressed”. To do this, the cushions and upholstery require ‘plumping’ to ensure they revert to their original shape. All cushions and arm pads should have the creases and wrinkles smoothed out daily.

Without “dressing” and “smoothing” the cushions it could give the appearance of flat or miss shaped, making the fabric appear loose or baggy. This is not a defect but part of the care of the product/s.

Please ensure all cushions/upholstery are always placed in the correct position during use.

Vacuuming or using a soft brush frequently on products helps eliminate dirt and dust particles, keeping the product in tip-top condition.

Avoiding prolonged exposure in direct sunlight or heat source as this could have an adverse effect on the product.

Only dry clean products if a spillage occurs, we advise removing the excess with a soft absorbent cloth or paper towel. Do not soak or rub/scrub any fabrics. We always advise contacting a professional cleaning service for advice.

In the unfortunate event you have a warranty concern, this must be taken to the place of purchase, which will then trigger the warranty process.

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