Furniture & fixed seating, free standing sofas, sofa-beds, chairs & footstools

Acquiring long-standing relationships with many of today’s leading suppliers makes us the best choice to suit any space. Our site also rests in the heart of Long Eaton which has a historic reputation for quality furniture. Sofas, chairs and fixed seating can be produced by us in any shape, size or style. Everything we produce is hand-built, in-house by highly skilled craftsmen and upholsterers. Anything you need can be tailored to your brand, style or design.

Our services go further than designing, producing and fitting furniture. We also cater for the more complicated projects, big or small. From fitted bar units, to restaurant refurbs and even realising public spaces. Bring your challenge to us. We have the experience, design and fitting expertise to deliver

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Soft furnishings for the leisure industry
Furniture & Furnishings for the Leisure Industry

Furniture & furnishings for the Leisure Industry

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